What does Remedial Work mean in Construction?

Remedial Work in Construction - Perfect Remediation

The scope of remedial works in construction is extensive and can range from structural repairs, upgrades, renovation, conservation, prevention and so on. The construction industry is cyclical and the need for remedial work as preventative or restorative maintenance will always exist. Remedial work helps maintain and restore the integrity of structures and adhere to health and safety standards by making them safer. It also prevents bigger and costlier damages, improves the value of the structure, and creates efficiencies in both operations and logistics. Remedial work in construction also includes renovation and remodelling as it is often more economical to repair something than to replace it. There is a growing demand for remodelling and renovation services, as people are choosing to update their homes and businesses rather than move. The growing attention on green building and sustainability in recent years has also led to an increased awareness of the need for proper maintenance and repairs to extend the life of a building or structure. Perfect Remediation and Refurbishment draws on Perfect Group’s extensive background of twelve years in the construction industry, working in the tier one, infrastructure, commercial, industrial, and residential space. Hence, the company is equipped with the expertise and assets required to deliver the diverse and comprehensive remedial work necessary for all structural issues.

Types of Remedial Work in Construction

Remedial building work in construction deals with several structural flaws and damages including foundation problems, latent defects, internal hard-to-spot structural damages, water ingress issues, cracks and spalling, concrete cancer, and so on. Buildings may develop structural issues over time such as, a drooping slab, foundation movements or rusted steel reinforcement causing concrete cancer. Structural issues are not always apparent and may sometimes be observed as a rust stain or a leak. Therefore, even small, and superficial defects need to be investigated for deeper damages without delay. Our experienced team at Perfect Remediation can help you identify the issues impacting your building, as well as plan the right, specialised, cost-effective maintenance solution for your project.

Concrete Cancer Repair

Concrete cancer leads to spalling and cracking. It is caused by the accumulation of water inside the concrete slab, which causes rust and eventually, cracks. Spalling happens when the walls afflicted with concrete cancer have large flakes or pieces falling off. Concrete cancer, especially on the outside of a building, is not only unappealing but potentially dangerous. Over time, and with increased exposure to the elements, untreated pieces of concrete may fall off, damaging the property, or even worse, hitting someone. Concrete cancer is often caused by structural factors such as building movement or rust within the structural reinforcement and hence, needs to be addressed as early as possible. The Perfect Remediation and Refurbishment crew thoroughly explores and assesses the concrete cancer in a building to effectively treat it while ensuring the foundation and structure are not affected by it.

Concrete Work - Perfect Remediation
Stone and Brickwork Damage Repair

Stone and brickwork damage is most caused by water ingress, lintel damage, direct impact and salt degradation. In addition to individual bricks and stones being visibly affected, the mortar joints between bricks or stonework may also show signs of damage. The Perfect crew treats the damage by removing affected bricks and treating the remaining ones as required to address the impact of salt degradation and ultimately, replacing the bricks and the brick ties as required before repointing the brickwork to return the wall to its original condition.

Flooring Damage Repair

Flooring, especially commercial and industrial flooring is particularly vulnerable to deterioration brought about by high density foot traffic, cleaning chemicals, friction, and bearing heavy weights. Damaged or worn floors are more than just an aesthetic concern, they may present a serious health and safety risk. A damaged floor can become slippery or uneven increasing the risk of accidents and injuries. It can also begin to trap moisture, encouraging the rapid growth of bacteria which may lead to various health issues. The Perfect Remediation team is experienced in all aspects of flooring, from investigation and problem identification, through to design, preparation, and the final installation of your flooring solution

Corrosion Management

Chloride-induced corrosion of steel reinforcement is most common in concrete structures while on masonry buildings, corrosion is generally caused by the collapse of the surrounding mortar. Perfect provides advanced and effective corrosion management solutions to help remediate and prevent further corrosion.

Façade Repair and Upgrade

Remedial work in construction does not only involve a building’s structure but also its facade. The decline of a building’s facade caused by aging, poor maintenance, or weather conditions is a prevalent problem. A declining facade usually contains cracks, chipping, leaning and so on. The skilled professionals at Perfect Remediation can determine the cause of the deterioration and delegate an appropriate team to repair every issue the facade has. We provide long-term solutions that ensure the entire facade is repaired and that the problem no longer affects the quality and aesthetic of the facade. In addition, Perfect also has the skills to upgrade external facades of prominent buildings by replacing drab and dated design elements with elegant, modern features, and in turn, bringing iconic structures gracefully into the future. Upgrades can comprise of a complete refit or a simple upgrade of selected features, ranging from purely aesthetic, such as replacing old iron rails with modern frameless glass, to upgrades that address both structural issues and building appearance, such as installing weather rated windows.

Facade Remediation and Weatherproofing in Ingleburn

Why Choose Perfect Remediation?

Perfect Remediation and Refurbishment specialises in the repair, replacement and upgrade of key structural and non-structural elements required to improve, restore, and prevent buildings from future damage. Perfect services the residential, retail, commercial and industrial sectors in Greater Sydney and beyond. With a strong lineage in tier one construction, the company has flagship projects from the CBD out into the heartland of New South Wales. Our remediation team has extensive experience and knowledge in carpentry, plumbing, underpinning and so on and this lets them engage with all sorts of remedial work required to maintain the structural integrity of your structure. Our expertise spans structural steel, concrete & crack injection, waterproofing, sealing & caulking and membranes & coatings. Perfect’s strong and dedicated workforce guided by an accomplished command structure, new machinery & equipment, and advanced operating tech work together to provide its clientele innovative, industry-leading remedial work.

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