What is Remedial Buiding Work?

Many residential as well as commercial buildings require remedial work after years of service to extend their longevity or improve their facilities. This work may involve lift upgrades, concrete spalling repairs, water ingress repairs or remedial work arising from fire safety orders. Remedial building works refer to the specialised type of rectification and corrective procedures for buildings with defects, particularly involving significant structural and/or water ingress issues.

Perfect Remediation and Refurbishment draws on over a decade of construction works in the tier one, infrastructure, commercial, industrial and residential space. Hence, the company is equipped with the expertise and assets required to deliver the diverse and comprehensive solutions necessary for building remediation

Why is building remediation important?

The proper and effective remediation of structural issues, often caused by water ingress and ongoing exposure to excessive moisture, is of paramount importance, as the structural integrity, stability, and conceivably safety of the building, or certain part of the building, may be compromised and deteriorating. It is imperative to employ effective long-term solutions for all water ingress and humidity issues, in order to prevent water damage to structure and property, dampness, rising damp, mould, mildew and excessive localised humidity, including resultant musky odours, as well as the associated health risks involved, such as diseases caused by inhalation of mould spores.

Remedial building works can significantly increase an old or neglected building’s sale and rental value. Remediation also helps reduce the risk of unforeseen expensive damages. Latent defects such as mould and concrete cancer, material rot, termites, etc. can lead to the costly demise of a building. These damages can also financially burden the property owner with repair costs and open the window to lawsuits. In severe cases, collapses can occur in turn, causing insurmountable costs.

The experienced team at Perfect Remediation specialise in the provision of efficient, cost-effective, and results-focused projects. As part of our remedial building services, we firstly assess and determine the root cause of the problems that are adversely affecting your property, prior to implementing the most appropriate, effective, and pragmatic solutions, in order to avoid recurrence of any unwarranted problems in the future.

Remedial Building - Facade Remediation and Weatherproofing in Ingleburn

What do remedial builders do?

Remedial builders repair and rectify buildings that are experiencing structural and water ingress issues. A remedial builder’s primary job is to restore a building’s strength, structural integrity, and safety. This involves a variety of tasks depending on the state of the building. A remedial builder will conduct an initial assessment in order to determine what tasks need to be done in order to restore the building to its proper condition.

The following are some of the services provided by remedial builders:

  • External Façade Upgrade – Perfect Remediation has the skills to upgrade external facades of prominent buildings by replacing drab and dated design elements with elegant, modern features, and in turn, bringing iconic structures gracefully into the future. Upgrades can comprise of a complete refit or a simple upgrade of selected features, ranging from purely aesthetic, such as replacing old iron rails with modern frameless glass, to upgrades that address both structural issues and building appearance, such as installing weather rated windows.
  • Leak detection and repair –The Perfect Remediation team is skilled in detecting and repairing leaks from all possible sources of a building including cavity flashing, burst pipes, gutter/down pipe overflows, sewer surcharge, waterproof membrane failures, detention tanks and pumps.
  • Waterproofing – Perfect’s remedial builders can waterproof buildings and create an envelope to prevent penetration and damage of surfaces.
  • Brick/Crack stitching – In the cases of cracks in stone and brick, our team will not only repair but also stitch the stick or stonework back together, minimising its reoccurrence.
  • Rising damp repairsThe Perfect team uses effective methods to stop the rise of dampness that may be present in buildings, especially older ones.
  • Non-invasive underpinning – If your building is sinking, it may need underpinning to stop it sinking further. Perfect Remediation can strengthen the foundation of your building, by using non-invasive methods that cause minimum disruption.
  • Concrete cancer – The Perfect crew thoroughly explores and assesses the concrete cancer in a building to effectively treat it while ensuring the foundation and structure are not affected by it.
  • Facade reparations – A brick facade could begin bending, cracking or become overcome with moisture as the building ages. Mortar joints may begin crumbling and window arches could begin failing. The Perfect Remediation team will find the source of the problem and implement remedial wall ties and crack stitches to straighten up the walls. If the walls are overcome with moisture, the walls will be injected with solvent or silicon-based solution and window arches will be repaired or replaced.
Remedial Building Work

Why are remedial commercial and residential builders important?

Remedial builders are essential as their corrective methods provide long-term solutions for the structural integrity, safety, and stability of buildings and other structures. Remedial builders help restore and maintain your building’s structural integrity through brick/crack stitching, non-invasive underpinning, the repair of concrete cancer and damaged timber caused by termites or rotting and many more. This is not only important for safety but also for adhering to the National Construction Code by the Australian Building Codes Board. Structural deterioration can cause injuries and even death, as a result of the collapse of the structure. In addition, rising dampness and damaged pipes can lead to mould within the building that can cause allergic reactions, asthma attacks, nasal congestion, and so on. Our remedial builders have extensive experience and knowledge in carpentry, plumbing, underpinning and so on, and this lets them engage with a variety of functions in maintaining the structural integrity of your structure.

Why Choose Perfect Remediation?

Perfect Remediation and Refurbishment draws on over a decade of construction works in the tier one, infrastructure, commercial, industrial, and residential space. With a strong lineage in tier one construction, the company has flagship projects from Greater Sydney out into the heartland of New South Wales. Our expertise spans structural steel, concrete & crack injection, waterproofing, sealing & caulking, and membranes & coatings. The extensive and comprehensive knowledge and skills of our remediation team enables us to engage with a variety of functions required in maintaining structural integrity. At Perfect Remediation, an accomplished command structure guides a strong & dedicated workforce, new machinery & equipment, and advanced operating technology to bring you the best remediation and refurbishment services.

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