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Concrete Remediation – Artarmon

commercial car park remediation

Project Details

  • Client SBS STUDIOS
  • Location ARTARMON
  • Duration 4 WEEKS

Perfect Remediation recently completed concrete remediation of the car park at SBS Studios Headquarters located in Artarmon. The busy 5-storey car park is used by the SBS employees and clients as well as for all SBS operations and therefore, needed to remain fully operational.

Concrete remediation is a process of restoring and fixing damaged, deteriorated, or cracked concrete structures to maintain their structural integrity and extend their lifespan. Although concrete is a highly durable material, over time, it can be subjected to various factors that lead to deterioration, such as cracking, spalling, corrosion, chemical damage, structural repairs and so on. Concrete remediation techniques range from simple cosmetic fixes to more complex structural repairs. Our professional remediation team carefully selected the repair methods depending on the extent of damage, the intended use of the structure, and the surrounding environment.

In addition to the concrete repairs, the scope of work also involved coating old exposed fixing bolts with zinc to ensure they are protected, repairing Combiflex control joint bandages and installing checker plate steel plates over the control joints.

The key challenge was working in the busy environment of the fully operational 5-storey car park. Our crew had to consistently maintain a clean working environment on site to ensure none of the SBS operations got affected. Moreover, they had to make sure there were as many car spaces available at a time for the SBS staff members. 

car park concrete remediation

Perfect Remediation overcame the challenge by diligently planning out the project in stages. The works were carefully staged in a way that ensured there were always enough car spaces available for the SBS staff members. Our remediation team ensured close concentration on dust and debris control. They also made sure generated waste was removed regularly from site ensuring a clean work area.  

Perfect Remediation successfully delivered the staged repairs ensuring the car park is now safe & free of trip hazards for use by all SBS staff members. Our team also patched up the repairs to safeguard the longevity of the SBS asset ensuring it continues to service the needs of the site for many years ahead.