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Envirolab Services – Chatswood

Sydney Head Laboratory Refurbishment in Chatswood - Perfect Remediation

Project Details

  • Client Envirolab Services
  • Location Chatswood
  • Duration 15 weeks

Perfect Remediation successfully completed a 15-week staged laboratory refurbishment project for Envirolab Services at their Sydney Head Laboratory in Chatswood, NSW. The services included upgrading the existing operational laboratory to meet industry standards, optimising workflow, and installing new equipment, resulting in a modernised facility that enhances operational efficiency.

Perfect Remediation was responsible for the overall construction management of the laboratory refurbishment project, which involved three separate stages within the Sydney Head Laboratory facility.

The scope of work included demolition and strip-out works, as well as the installation of new mechanical services for a completely redesigned metals laboratory. Additionally, Perfect Remediation handled all services disconnections and make-good works, new DI water diversions and connections, electrical and data installations, emergency shower installations, lab furniture installation including benches, stainless steel sinks, and fume cupboards, vinyl floor finishes, bathroom strip-out, and new bathroom installation. Furthermore, the scope encompassed the installation of glazed partitions, FC and plasterboard partitions, and various ceiling finishes.

The project faced several key challenges. Firstly, working in a busy and demanding laboratory facility required careful coordination to minimize disruptions to daily operations. Secondly, the team had to ensure that the facility remained fully operational throughout the refurbishment, implementing strategies to avoid any negative impact on ongoing activities. Additionally, maintaining safe and clean areas was crucial, given the sensitive nature of laboratory work. Lastly, the long lead times for specialty chemical-resistant vinyl floor finishes posed a challenge, requiring upfront planning and early procurement to prevent delays and ensure timely project completion.

To overcome the challenges faced during the project, Perfect Remediation implemented several solutions. We maintained close communication with Envirolab staff and management, ensuring a clear understanding of requirements and effective problem-solving. Weekly reporting was conducted to keep all stakeholders informed, enabling transparency and facilitating collaborative decision-making. Perfect Remediation closely managed subcontractors and suppliers, guaranteeing that the client’s needs were met throughout the project. Ongoing site cleanliness was prioritised to maintain a safe and organised work environment.

Additionally, local and overseas suppliers, manufacturers, and contractors were closely managed, including site visits to local supplier manufacturing warehouses to ensure timely equipment delivery in accordance with target milestones.

Perfect Remediation successfully delivered the staged laboratory refurbishment within the demanding live lab environment. We efficiently completed and handed over all three stages of the project on time, ensuring a seamless transition and avoiding any disruptions to the Envirolab Services team and their operations in the busy laboratory. The project’s success demonstrated effective management and coordination by Perfect Remediation, resulting in an upgraded facility that met the client’s requirements while maintaining uninterrupted laboratory operations.