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Structural Repairs

So much hinges on the structural integrity of our buildings. With complex systems that sometimes push the boundaries of the very physics they adhere to, structural remedial works require an understanding and methodology few can lay claim to.

Because building design and construction materials vary, structural remedial works almost always call for a custom approach. There are countless factors to consider: age and period of construction, building materials used, design, what type of damage, is that damage sustained or once off, is there hazmat to be removed, are there new legal requirements to adhere to and so on.

Perfect’s strong lineage in construction and demolition furnishes PRR with the know-how to approach structural repairs with a high attention to detail. We specialise in custom and boutique structural remediation works that call for an above-and-beyond service.

What We Can Do For You

Perfect Remediation and Refurbishment can offer the following structural repairs:

  • Brick ties
  • Structural footing underlining
  • Construction control joint replacements
  • General construction concrete repairs
  • Crack injection repairs
  • Structural steel installations

As Greater Sydney’s leading structural remediation provider, Perfect Remediation and Refurbishment is versed in all aspects of this unique environment. We believe we can help.

  • Wynyard Place, Sydney CBD
  • Client: Belmore Engineering

Retaining the stunning facade of this billion dollar project while completely reworking the interior meant much structural work – both temporary and permanent. Perfect’s role was to install steel lintels above 62 existing sandstone windows. Spread across floors twelve through seventeen, all works were often completed atop mobile scaff due to the 5m vaulted ceilings.

The existing openings were propped and the lintel stones removed. High Frequency demo saws were used in favour of traditional two stroke units due to the relatively confined space. Cuts were made in the stone and the waste material stockpiled in a craneable skip for removal. Steel lintels were then installed, propped up and grouted in. 24 hours later when the grout had cured the props were removed.

  • Greenwich Road, Greenwich
  • Client: Steven’s Construction

Having demolished six floors of the St. Leonards clinic, the new-build design called for the retention of an existing three story wall – while dismantling three floors of slabs tied into it. Located right in the centre of the footprint, Perfect used a staged approach. We underpinned the lowermost slab, then, working one floor at a time from the top down. We tied the wall into the rock structure behind it, demolished the floor slab at that level and moved down. This was repeated with each floor until the wall was a standalone three storey structure.

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