After mastering ourselves in the fields of demolition, specialist labour hire and concrete care, our ceaseless desire for both personal & business growth saw us zero in on our next challenge: remedial & refurbishment. As a group we felt there was an opportunity to raise the bar. To find new benchmarks. To reach new heights.

With collective experience across almost all aspects of the construction industry, this drive set into motion our newest division: Perfect Remediation and Refurbishment. The birth of this fourth Perfect Group quadrant really signified formalising our existing remediation experience into a new entity.

Our remedial works had found a home.

Perfect Remedial and Refurbishment services the residential, retail, commercial and industrial sectors in Greater Sydney and beyond. With a strong lineage in tier one construction, PRR is at home on flagship projects from the CBD out into the heartland of New South Wales.

Our capabilities extend to transport, infrastructure, water assets, air and sea ports, defence and rail. Inside these sectors our expertise spans structural steel, concrete & crack injection, waterproofing, sealing & caulking and membranes & coatings.

An accomplished command structure guides a strong & dedicated workforce, new machinery & equipment and advanced operating tech to bring you remediation and refurbishment at the very tip of the spear.

Our chief aim is to provide outstanding remediation and refurbishment on every project we encounter. To seek continual improvement. To let our work speak for us. And to never be satisfied.

Welcome to remediation.

Welcome to Perfect.