Our Approach

A strong, dependable team you can put your trust in.

As PM’s ourselves we’re all too aware of the risk and challenges project managers face every day. We understand the pain of being let down and how it can have an exponential effect. We are committed to providing responsible, flexible personnel that are fully equipped to deliver at the highest of benchmarks.

The Perfect workforce is built on a very simple concept: you can train skills but not attitude – you can see this in our work and in our reputation. We’re a tight-knit team who believes in the value of mutual respect and an honest conversation. In continually striving to be our best and do our best – but that our best should never come at the cost of our integrity.

Time and again we have stretched ourselves to go above, to go beyond, to do more and to be better. We believe this is one of the pillars of our success, and, with a desire to continue these accomplishments – in this way we commit to never remaining satisfied.

High quality, well maintained, serviced equipment.

We all know that reliability can make or break a deadline. This ultimately makes or breaks a project and eventually – a relationship. Which is why our investment in quality equipment is so high. We use only trusted brands such as Volvo, Sumitomo and Yanmar. Brands like Husqvarna, Brokk and Tyrolit. Hilti and Milwaukee. Toyota and Isuzu.

Through scheduled servicing and genuine parts our team of asset managers & service personnel ensure those investments stay reliable. Every piece of equipment is subjected to rigorous testing before and after its time in the field. Digital reporting avenues along the way gives up-to-the-minute data to Operations, furnishing them with the ability to remain tactically agile.

With three comprehensive workshops, a full-time fitter/fabricator and mobile technicians on call 25/8 the phrase ‘downtime’ is almost irrelevant – certainly in Perfect vocabulary.

Technical expertise and project experience.

With our lineage founded in 2009, Perfect Remediation and Refurbishment draws on twelve years of operational know-how from tier one projects down. The Group has delivered time and again on flagship projects such as Town Hall & Circular Quay Stations, all 33 floors of Westpac’s Kent Street refurb and the remediation of Muswellbrook Water Treatment Plant.

Backed by a team of skilled estimators, project managers, engineers, site managers and tradespeople – PRR consists of highly qualified professionals guided by forward thinking leadership moving cohesively towards a single goal: to deliver exceptional service and quality work for our clientele.

That is – to be our best.