It’s a known fact that new build construction is one of the worst offenders in terms of sustainable practices and outcomes. Wastage is woefully high and in many cases segregation and recycling is nonexistent.

Remediation however, when done correctly, is sustainable by nature. By its very character. The practise aims to preserve & rebuild existing structures as opposed to demolition & new build. To see the value in what is already there. What other construction practice can claim retention, recycling and reuse to the scale that remedial and refurbishment works do?

Perfect Remediation and Refurbishment takes its sustainability duties to heart. There are codes to uphold – both in policy and in person. We can do this because we’re part of the larger Perfect Group. This advantage gives us access to the entire chain of works – a position from which we believe no other remediation and refurbishment provider can operate.

With total oversight over our processes & personnel and almost full custody over the flow of materials, Perfect can control our environmental impact to the highest degree.

  • As the demolition contractor we have authority over the operation, material segregation and recycling. Masonry is separated and sent to concrete recycling facilities, steel and other ferrous metals are given the same fate, green waste is turned into mulch and even electrical wiring is saved.
  • As the remedial contractor we govern the type of works, their delivery and their ecological impact. Within the SoW, Perfect approaches the project as environmentally responsible as possible. In a given situation we choose the most energy efficient methodologies to reduce our footprint as much as possible.
  • As the refurbishment contractor we have jurisdiction over the materials and practices used during rebuilding. Utilising the least carbon-intense, low-VOC, locally-sourced products is a goal Perfect strives for.
  • And as the Group we have dominion over the environmental repercussions of our machinery, processes and personnel. This responsibility guides us in our equipment purchasing & hire, the efficiency with which we execute our work and the ecologically sensitive outlook of our personnel.

Across its twelve year history Perfect has an unblemished conservational record. We pride ourselves in having our personal ideals align with our professional ones, in building a strong & sustainable future and leaving the world far better than when we found it.

Winners of Excellence in Sustainability
Winners of Excellence in Sustainability