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Why us

Often taken for granted, repairs to these fundamental structures often need meticulous planning, precision execution, and specialised expertise. Perfect Remediation’s roots lie in concrete and steel construction, remediation, and demolition – furnishing us with the skills and systems to overhaul the network of bridges and tunnels connecting this great state.

Extremely short operational windows demand a specific mindset and efficient operating procedures. Hazardous conditions call for a wide range of niche skills, machinery, and lateral thinking. Refurbishing bridges and arches are not for everyone. It is for us.

Perfect’s bridge and archway remediation capabilities span demolition, hazmat, remedial/refurb, and construction disciplines. With the backing of an established contracting business, world-class leadership, and up-to-the-minute equipment & systems, Perfect Remediation and Refurbishment has enough types of equipment to deliver almost any road and bridge remedial works we encounter.

What We Can Do For You

Perfect bridge and arch sector Remediation and Refurbishment can offer the following bridge and arch sector services:

  • Sandblasting and resurfacing of steel structures
  • Concrete repairs and crack injection
  • Concrete resurfacing
  • Steel and concrete bridge repairs
  • Structural footing repairs
  • Hazardous coating removal

Perfect is Sydney’s premier bridge and archway remedial works specialist. Hazardous environments are in our DNA. We are able to provide the very best in span rectification manpower, technology, methodologies, and equipment. With exceptional leadership and a capacity for first-class work, Perfect Remediation and Refurbishment will uphold the standard set by the Perfect Group and Get It Done.

  • Shoalhaven River Bridge, Nowra
  • Client: Fulton Hogan

One of our more recent successes was the widening of a government-owned vehicular bridge asset in regional NSW. Town planning projections predicted traffic bottlenecking, so Perfect was contracted for its bridge remediation expertise.

Structural Repairs

The decision was made to widen the upstream lanes of the existing bridge. Essentially a new bridge would be built flush with the existing one. This necessitated tying the new to the old. Our methodology dictated vertically wall sawing the upstream abutments flush with the main bridge structure. This was then sectioned using demolition saws and jackhammered out piecemeal. The footpath was then demolished to sub-base level, including a 200mm strip of the existing road across the length of the bridge – although any reinforcing inside the strip was to remain in situ. This would aid in tying the two together. At present, the works are still underway with handover due in February 2022.

  • Church Street Bridge, Parramatta
  • Client: CPB

The Parramatta Light Rail is destined to be a flagship project in our city’s history, so when a stormwater pipe was found to consist of Asbestos Containing Material its removal was prioritised. With hundreds of asbestos removal jobs behind us, Perfect won the works.

Hazmat Removal

First, they test the overall work environment and pipe to confirm they would stand up to the rigours of removal. It was found to be bonded, of good integrity, and therefore safe to unfix. The pipe was encapsulated and removed, along with the adjacent drain and sub-level junction box. It was disposed of in line with EPA standards. To complete the works, they patched the bridge using high-strength grouting and installing new pipes.

Our services


What type of services can you provide on Bridge structures?

Perfect Remediation has the resources and experience to carry out anything. From Abrasive Blasting, Steel repairs to Concrete, and Steel Remediation

Do you provide protective coating services?

Yes, we do! We offer a wide range of protective coating services all around NSW. Some of the services we offer include blasting, painting, hydro demolition, grinding, polishing, and installation. We do work as principal contractors, subcontractors, private projects, regional, and local councils.

How long does it take to mobilise?

This all depends on the size of the project. But generally, we can mobilise and establish on-site within 24-48hrs due to having all our own plant and machinery.

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