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Steel Remediation

Arguably one of the most versatile construction materials we have, structural steel works seamlessly in conjunction with concrete to provide reinforcement where slabs, columns and beams cannot. Like all materials, it does have its flaws – corrosion and cracking the primary two.

Perfect Remediation and Refurbishment can repair and/or replace steel members from trim and decorative pieces right through to major structural components. With over a decade of experience in demotion and construction, Perfect and steel remediation go hand in hand.

With a detailed approach, extensive skill set and dedicated workforce, Perfect can provide world class advice on the rectification of projects from residential jobs right through to tier one major structural repairs.

What We Can Do For You

Perfect Remediation and Refurbishment can offer the following steel remediation services:

  • Blast and paint
  • Structural steel replacements
  • Structural welding
  • Bracing
  • Fatigue repairs
  • Protective coatings

As the city’s leading structural steel remedial contractor, Perfect understands what it takes to correctly remedy steel construction faults and flaws. With state of the art tech, a committed workforce and stellar leadership, Perfect Remediation and Refurbishment can rectify your issues with confidence.

We Get It Done.

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