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Water. So inert, yet so damaging. Perfect Remediation and Refurbishment has a detailed awareness of how, why and where fluid damage can occur – as well as a thorough understanding of the measures undertaken for future proofing & prevention.

Unless initial construction and/or refurbishment works are completed by trained and motivated professionals, avoidable errors can happen. Even for the well intended mistakes and failures can occur. Let Perfect Remediation and Refurb service your waterproofing needs.

A combined operational experience of more than fifty years credits Perfect with the knowledge to act intelligently in the waterproofing space. One of our earliest waterproofing remedial projects was the Wentworthville Swimming Pool. This essential community centrepiece had begun to show early signs of deterioration, which, to the trained eye, means an unknown quantity of damage under the surface.

What We Can Do For You

Perfect Remediation and Refurbishment can offer the following waterproofing services:

  • All general waterproofing services across all building sectors
  • Membrane replacement and repair
  • Roof and balcony waterproofing repairs
  • Car park & basement waterproofing solutions
  • Torch on, polyurethane, PVC and bentonite membranes

Perfect’s comprehensive understanding of the art of leak prevention makes us the state’s premier waterproofing service provider. We truly grasp the meticulous workmanship required to ensure these repairs remain watertight. Perfect Remediation and Refurbishment believes it can find the appropriate resolution for virtually any leak or waterproofing issue there is.

  • Wentworthville Swimming Pool, Wentworthville
  • Client: Cumberland Shire Council

Extensive remediation works were begun when the pool’s balance tank showed signs of compromised wall integrity. The concrete lid was removed, revealing cracked concrete and a disintegrating structural corbel. Upon draining the pool, a further inspection revealed the pool’s underfloor culvert hadn’t been waterproofed correctly during initial construction or in subsequent works.

The tiles were hammered up along the length of the pool to gain access to the culvert. Once opened a visual test confirmed the primary drain pipe was made from asbestos, and while it was completely intact, the Cumberland Council felt it was a good time to remove it. Samples were lab tested confirming the pipe wass non-friable ACM.

It was removed under bonded conditions, encapsulated and disposed of as per EPA regulations. The culvert was concrete repaired, relined and waterproofed. A new concrete pipe was installed and the culvert was closed up for another round of waterproofing and retiling.

The balance tank was drained and crack injection repairs were made to the tank walls. This was tested, confirming that the urethane resin had taken hold. Cathodic protection was installed inside the tank to prevent future disintegration. This process involved chasing & jackhammering runs in the concrete and installing anodes. The anodes were connected by low voltage wiring that when powered up controls corrosion. The structural corbel used to support the lid was repaired & reinforced and a new lid was formed, poured and installed.

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