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Why us

It’s a unique environment. It’s not for the faint of heart and those who know. With concentrations of work centred around possessions of the rail corridor, remediation and refurbishment of rail assets require a level of strategy that regular construction leadership will simply not understand.

Along the way, we have learnt a lot of hard lessons. While at the time they were tough – they forged expertise that only experience can bring. Consisting almost exclusively of steel, brick & concrete. Besides that governed by finite work periods, being considered a rail contractor is high praise. If you ask our peers that’s exactly what we are.

Perfect has been privy to this complex environment since our first possession in June of 2013 and has been distinguishing ourselves on rail works ever since. Some of our more notable remedial rail works include the Blue Mountains Route Clearance, Wiley Park Station – Sydney Metro, and Canterbury Station – Sydney Metro.

What We Can Do For You

Perfect Remediation and Refurbishment can offer the following rail sector services:

  • Brick and concrete wall repairs
  • Crib wall repairs, clearing of vegetation, and stabilisation
  • Shotcrete stabilisation
  • Steel and concrete bridge repairs
  • Retaining wall anchoring
  • Sandblasting and resurfacing of steel structures
  • Remediation and refurbishment of rail buildings

PRR is at home on the rail. Downer, John Holland, and CPB will attest to that. More than 85% of our 200+ strong workforce holds the blue MTA card and has Perfect listed as their primary employer. Additionally, Perfect workers hold almost every ticket known to man. We can reach it, cut it, demolish it, weld it, retain it, rebuild it & recycle it – then put it all back together again.

PRR and the rail.

We Get It Done.

February 2019 saw Continuum Alliance prioritise widening the kinetic envelope for the D-set train fleet due to enter service later that year. These works would need to rely heavily on the remediation experience of a tier-one subcontractor, the expertise they found in Perfect.

Surface Preparation and Patching

After the station, coping edges were cut back by Perfect Concrete Care and new precast coping edge panels installed by Perfect Contracting, and the face of thousands of lengths of rebar was left exposed to the elements. Seemingly inconsequential, this would lead to ferrous corrosion – the flow-on effect of which could eventually become structurally unsound. The solution was to remove the material around the exposed rebar. Besides that, cleaning it using mechanical means, coat it with a zinc-rich priming compound, and then patch the surface flush with high-strength grout. We executed this in a swift fashion with the handover completed ahead of schedule.

Concrete Remediation and Structural Repairs

Whilst under the same protection we were contracted to complete several other outstanding structural works. One of which was repairing the footing of a bridge just shy of Leura. The slab had begun to crack, leaving an uncertain future for not only the footing but the road bridge above. Demolition and reconstruction were out of the question due to the slab’s location. The need for extensive propping, and the impracticality of shutting down the overhead thoroughfare. The solution was to brace it. Using 316L stainless, Perfect’s in-house fabricator manufactured a custom reinforcing frame that would encapsulate the footing and, after drilling it through, utilised a threaded rod to torque it in place. The frame was countersunk so that the fasteners would sit below the surface which, like the entire frame – were grouted in.

Our services


What type of services can you provide for the rail sector?

Perfect Remediation has the resources and experience to carry out anything from Abrasive Blasting, masonry repairs, cleaning and sealing of surfaces, protective coatings, and Steel repairs to Concrete and Steel Remediation.
In addition building & refurbishment works to all associated rail service buildings.

Does the Perfect Group hold current ISO Accreditations?

Yes, the Perfect Group is ISO Accredited – Quality ISO 9001:2015, Environmental ISO 14001:2015, and WHS ISO 45001:2018

How long does it take to mobilise?

This all depends on the size and nature of the project but generally, we can mobilise and establish on-site within 1-2 weeks due to having all our own plant and machinery.

Does the Perfect Group have experience working in the rail sector?

Yes, the Perfect Group has a proven record of working and delivering a number of successful major rail projects.
One to note is the Blue Mountains Route Clearance project.

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