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Protective Coatings

In the battle between the elements and manmade construction, Mother Nature always wins. With so much of our construction consisting of ferrous metals and other corrosible materials, shielding them from their inevitable demise is a specialised domain in itself.

This niche field crosses trade lines, sectors & industries. It demands a practiced approach to prevent long term and potentially irreversible damage to vital community assets. Protective coatings aren’t sexy – but they’re as important as the asset they’ve been commissioned to preserve.

Perfect Remediation and Refurbishment has the know-how to provide a premier coatings service across Greater Sydney and into the heartland of New South Wales.

What We Can Do For You

Perfect Remediation and Refurbishment can offer the following protective coatings services:

  • Return-to-base concrete material blasting
  • RTB steel blasting/corrosion removal
  • Chemical RTB works
  • Mechanical RTB works
  • Scale/corrosion removal
  • Protective coatings post RTB
  • Surface preparation to: steel, concrete, brick, wrought iron, brick, aluminium and timber

Perfect Remediation and Refurbishment is Sydney’s premier protective coatings provider. As contractor’s ourselves we understand what challenges lie in project delivery, as well as the specific needs around protective coatings. Backed by our roots, we have world class systems, strong leadership and a dedicated workforce that should furnish you with confidence.

We Get It Done

  • Blue Mountains Route Clearance
  • Client: Continuum Alliance

When the kinetic envelope for the D-set train fleet was deemed too broad for the existing tunnel and platform infrastructure, Continuum Alliance prioritised their remedial track work package. A remediation contractor with rail experience would need to step up. Perfect was it.

Surface Preparation and Patching

With only a short possession period, the Perfect Group mobilised all divisions. Concrete Care cut back the coping edges, Perfect Hire was on hand to assist and PRR’s precursor – Perfect Contracting – installed the new pre-cast panels. Unfortunately, this left thousands of lengths of reo exposed. Using mechanical means we removed the masonry around each bar end, descaled the rebar, recoated it with a high-zinc primer and then patched it with grout. It was delivered ahead of schedule and on budget.

  • Wentworthville Pool
  • Client: Cumberland Shire

As part of the greater remedial works on this important Cumberland Shire community asset, the pool’s ageing balance tank was failing. In addition to crack injection in the walls, the 130 000 litre tank’s steel reinforced concrete lid was unserviceable.

Surface Preparation

A new lid was formed and poured and lowered into place. Future proofing it to last as long as the concrete it was preserving meant coating it with Laykold®, a specialised high traffic, weather-resistant surface protection. As the product’s primary clientele is the US Open, its protective properties were proven in weather and traffic defence. Perfect subcontracted a Laykold accredited installer who applied the coating to the balance tank lid as well as the footpaths around it.

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