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Commercial Remediation – Mascot Towers

Commercial Remediation - Mascot Towers

Project Details

  • Client SBM (Structural Building Management)
  • Location Mascot Towers, 1-5 Bourke Street, Mascot NSW 2020
  • Duration 8 weeks

by Daniel Green

The name should be familiar. The beleaguered residential block lays claim to one of the worst cases of building development neglect in recent history. Today, the apartment owners have been advised to sell as full demolition is likely the cheapest way out.

But back in 2019, long before this heartbreaking news, hopes were high that remedial works would save the unsound building. Structural Building Management was confident partial demolition and rebuilding of structural members would strengthen the foundations and stop the damage. Under their guidance, Perfect was happy to help.

Over the course of an 8 week establishment, a ten strong Perfect workforce worked with hand tools and machinery to follow their exact SoW. Throughout the building hundreds of props were installed to brace key members during demolition. Slabs, columns and beams were then hammered out and disposed of. Common area tiles were stripped out and sent to a nearby masonry recycling facility. Hundreds of tonnes of communal planter boxes were removed from the fourth floor and sent down to a street level skip via chute.

Meanwhile, Perfect Concrete Care were making precise cuts with our wall saw – a giant, track-mounted circular blade with a cutting depth of over half a metre. Guided by SBM’s engineering division, PCC made strategic cuts throughout the substructure of the building which would be reinforced and rebuilt at a later date.

For the more hard-to-reach places, SBM contracted our Brokk demorobot. It turned concrete to dust with its powerful, oversized jackhammer. Particle suppression was always on hand to keep airborne pollutants to a minimum.

Eight weeks later our scope was complete and we were demobilised to other projects.

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